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Skillus is your ultimate platform for educators and educational institutions. Engage students in a comprehensive learning space and turn your expertise into earnings.
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live lessons ● Unlimited storage space ● exams ● course builder ● school management ● reviews ● messaging system ● school page customization ● homework management ● dashboard analytics ●

Is Skillus a perfect solution for you?

In the dynamic landscape of education and self-development, finding the right educational solution can be a daunting task.
Skillus is here to make that choice crystal clear.
You are
Individual Tutor
Get a centralized platform to deliver engaging, personalized content and track student progress efficiently
You are
Benefit by rapidly scaling employee training, reducing costs, and ensuring consistent onboarding processes.
You are
Online school
Create dynamic, interactive learning environments, facilitating content delivery and student engagement, all within a user-friendly interface.
You are
Business or HRD
Streamline training, compliance, and skill development, ensuring a well-trained workforce while monitoring employees progress and performance thanks to our analytics.
You are
School or University
Get flexible, digital learning experience with access to a wide range of resources, assessments, and collaboration tools.
You are
Nonprofit or Association
Maximize your impact by providing members with accessible, cost-effective training and development opportunities, fostering growth and engagement.
Launch your school in just 3 steps!
Register your e-mail
Name your school and add courses
Start teaching

Set up a full training cycle

Start from choosing the learning style and different approaches. You can either let your students move through the information and interactive slides of the Course at their own pace, or learn under the guidance, or enjoy blended learning.
Training cycle

Construct Course with Skillus

With the Skillus Course Constructor define how your course looks, design the interface, simply Drag and drop pdf, PowerPoint, Word files, add links to the video materials.
Construct course

Directly interact with the students at the Live lessons

Engage the group of learners into the course at virtual classroom sessions, webinars or one to one online session.
Interact with students

Monitor the learning curve

Track your learners’ progress along the way through our multiple Assessment activities: assignments, activities, exams, tests. Let your students have their results published at their individual Dashboard and provide particular feedback.
Monitor the learning curve

Accept the Payments with integrated Billing system

Set the reasonable price and place the commercials about your courses at our Marketplace, because we took care of integrating the Stripe Billing system into the LMS so that you could easily process payments.

Focus on business, we took care of tech for you

Scale the software performance in a fuss-free way to grow rapidly. Skillus architecture is designed for the growing number of users and is able to deal with continuous supply of new educational materials.

Run your business on the fly

Have faster time-to-market for your business to keep up with the fast-pace growing E-learning business.

Request Demo Access

You have the opportunity to use a 30-day demo access to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the platform

Skillus Functionality

is a simple and convenient solution with all the critical features of LMS.
Role-based access:
Admin, teachers,
Synchronous types
of online learning
Handy Course
Integrated video platform
and Online chat
Assessment Work
of the courses
Integration with
Payment systems
But if you want one and only features, beyond the core ones, that are tailored to your business, explore our customization options.

Need more features?

Our platform is flexible enough to integrate with your product. All the necessary tools are present.

What Our Customers say

Maintenance is easy! No technical skills are needed. Our training facilities became more effective once we started using Skillus LMS.
We chose Skillus because it fills all of our requirements. And it is also easy to use and comes at a fair price. Also, fast and straightforward tech support is very important to us.
We are really pleased. Six months down the track with Skillus LMS, and we can mark handy functionality and a lot of customization options.


What is Skillus?arrow
Skillus is an innovative platform that empowers you to initiate and monetize your educational process. With Skillus, you can easily create your own school, launch engaging courses, invite both students and teachers to participate, track their progress, and conveniently receive payments.
How much does Skillus cost?arrow
Skillus offers a range of pricing plans tailored to suit various needs and preferences. Each plan comes with distinct functionality and features. Explore our diverse options and choose the one that best aligns with your requirements.
How can I make payments?arrow
Skillus accepts payments through Stripe, a secure payment gateway that supports various payment methods for a convenient and reliable payment experience.
Does it have a trial period?arrow
Certainly! We offer a generous 1-month trial period for you to explore Skillus. The best part is, you can enjoy this trial without the need to provide any payment card details.
Can I have several schools?arrow
Certainly! In Skillus, you can create an unlimited number of schools and participate in different schools as a teacher or student.
Would it work for my business domain?arrow
Yes, our platform is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various business domains across industries. We have successfully catered to businesses in diverse sectors, and our customers have shared their experiences and testimonials, which you can find here. Feel free to explore their feedback and see how our platform can benefit your specific business domain.
Which type of files can I upload to the platform?arrow
Skillus provides a powerful course and lesson builder that allows you to attach a wide range of file types to your content. You can easily upload and share videos, music and sounds, documents, PDFs, and more. Our platform supports various file formats, ensuring flexibility in delivering your content to learners. Feel free to utilize the full potential of Skillus by incorporating different file types into your courses and lessons.
Do you have a mobile app?arrow
No, Skillus doesn't have a dedicated mobile app. However, Skillus is optimized to work seamlessly on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. You can access Skillus through your device's web browser and enjoy a fully responsive and user-friendly mobile version of the platform.
How long can I use the material after finishing the course?arrow
The duration of material access after finishing a course depends on the settings determined by the course author. To find specific details about the duration of material access, I recommend referring to the course overview or description provided by the author.
Do you have a subscription?arrow
Skillus operates on a subscription basis, providing full access to its features and tools. Subscribing allows you to enhance your learning experience or efficiently manage your educational institution.
How can I cancel my subscription?arrow
To cancel your Skillus subscription, go to your account settings, find the billing section, and click on the option to cancel your subscription.
Advice background

Would you like some advice?

If you're not sure which approach would be best for you, please contact us. Our experts will advise you on the best way to use Skillus tool, and help you get the most out of it!